04:08 15-11-2012
I enjoyed watching you on Love's Christmas journey..You are very very sexy! keep up on acting you are GREAT!
06:05 06-11-2011
Went to visit my mother and she had just begun watching Love's Christmas Journey on Hallmark. We both enjoyed the show. Keep making quality stuff!
19:08 02-01-2011
am a great fan and miss you in ATWT and hope you'll turn up in new films, projects or TV series
18:53 12-04-2010
Dylan, you are super great & gorgeous!
Pls come back in ATWT.
10:03 12-04-2010
com back Dylan in atwt
11:36 28-03-2010
i eated something bad
18:39 06-02-2010
Hi Dylan,
I want to say you are great xxx
23:55 29-11-2009
Come back soon Dylan! You are awesome!!
15:05 01-11-2009
Yeah David, you're totally right, if you know something or have ideas for this website , just let me know!
05:00 29-10-2009
God I miss Dylan. He was a big reason why I watched ATWT. They so should have kept him. It's sad he hasn't done anything else on TV since leaving.
09:34 05-10-2009
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